WEG Operating Plan, March 18, 2020

1. Entire facility has been programmed through the BRIVO system to be locked down, myself & Frank, and WPD have only access. 03/16/20-03/21/20: Maintenance facility is doing a deep clean starting w/the East Wing. This encompasses the ceiling down in every room, the 400+ chairs and tables and storage area, auditorium, card rooms, kitchen dining room entryways and furniture. All fabric including the collapsible partition wall is being steam sanitized, they are on their 2nd pass.

2. 03/16/20-03/27/20 The Pro Shop has been stripped, walls prepped, carpet removed and cleaned. Walls will be painted following caulking, all coving replaced. Following that Golfer’s lounge will be cleaned, and baseboards replaced.

3. 03/23/20-03/28/20: Maintenance facility will do a deep clean on w/the West Wing. This will be a steam cleaning of all carpets, fabric curtains, and cleaning (again) from ceiling down. Every room will be cleaned including the restaurant and kitchens.

4. 03/30/20-04/03/20: Maintenance will be doing a deep cleaning of the Health center including the pool and locker rooms. ProShop will be completed and no staff will be there after 03/27/20.

5. 03/16/20- ? Office staff is running on a minimal staff to ensure AP/AR is met, and mail has been transferred to pick up at the Post Office.

6. Groundskeepers will continue as usual w/zero contact with members.

Golf Course: At present the Groundskeepers are ahead of the Spring schedule for aeration. Our members are continuing to golf at this time and until there comes down an order from the State Governor that would close the golf course along with our already closed facilities, this will remain the same. I have asked the Groundskeepers to have zero contact w/these members and expect these members to conduct themselves w/their usual consideration of any equipment in their vicinity that’s working, as the employees will.

Please thank the BOD and the WEG community for me and all the support they’re giving to us to get through this thing.

Dawn R Cole