WEG Management Team Update

Update from Financial Manager: Debbie

  • Alisha is making good progress on the audit of the RV Lot, from the applications on file to the actual vehicles in the spaces.  Thank you to Gene and the Arch/RV Committee for their help in reviewing the spaces and for the cooperation of the members in getting the missing forms to the office.
  • Alisha is working on the final steps of reviewing & updating our records from the 2021 Census forms.
  • I am just beginning to work with Perkins & Co on the 2021 Financial Review.
  • I am working with the Finance Committee on creating a more helpful & user-friendly way to present the monthly Financial Reports.
  • The Management Team has met with the Rules & Regs Committee, and we are working together to put new processes in place to make the Complaint process run smoother and more efficiently.  More news, as we know it, on the details of the online process that is coming.
  • I continue to work on getting my HOA Management Certificate from Community Associations Institute.

Update from Operations Manager: Chip

  • A review of complaints that have not responded to warning letter and letters with notification of fines for non-compliance are being sent out.
  • Starting time on Golf course was adjusted to allow time for Golf Maintenance to finish their work
  • Chip is on vacation this next week!  The family has gone to California to watch their son play in an important golf tournament.    Yea!!!

Update from Facilities Manager: Vincent

This is to update you on the pool repairs.

The gas line is repaired.

The water temperature and quality is stable and back to normal.

The showers have been rebuilt and are working better.

We have also cleaned the floors, made some repairs, and other maintenance.

There are some further repairs to make to plumbing that are scheduled to begin the 21st.

We will need to turn off water to the pool/locker rooms and spa for that repair.

The exhaust fan for the pool has failed as well and is scheduled to be repaired; possibly replaced, as (Hansen) can schedule us.

The pool space is somewhat humid but realistically less so than in the winter months when everything is closed up.

Please be patient with the doors being open, and repair crews as we work to repair the fan, and with crews working in the locker rooms to install the wiring for ceiling fans in the locker rooms.

There will be no Air conditioning in the locker rooms again this summer.

Regarding water levels, our static test showed (some) water loss. 

We have now been doing a dynamic test to evaluate whether we are literally pumping the water out of the pool somewhere a little at a time.

Results have been less than expected and less than prior volume losses observed.

I would therefore like to invite the water volleyball team to please play (tonight) if they can with the request that they bring as many people as they can and be as aggressive as ever in their game: if but to see if what portion of water loss is attributable to (normal) use and activities.

The pool can otherwise be used by Members as available provided all parties understand that we are still working in the locker rooms, and that there will be a shut down starting the 21st again.

Otherwise I have also photographed and been monitoring the color of the soil in the respective inspection holes we have exposed in the pump room and ramp to the spa.

Given the pump has been off and we have had no appreciable rain, the soil has had some time to potentially dry in the holes: which it appeared to.

The irrigation system has otherwise been ON and does not appear to have appreciably affected the moisture content of the observable soil in either hole.

Nevertheless there appears (to my eye) to be some darkening of the soil from previous at a shallow and defined level that is seemingly consistent with customary pipe depth(s) since we restarted the pumps.

This (may) be from pool plumbing that was static and is now pressurized again though without actually digging up the plumbing and/or removing the bottom of the spa we cannot be sure.

Next week the 2nd ground water level will be monitored which may give us some answers we did not have prior.

Please otherwise be patient and respectful of the contractors and employees that have been working extra hours to move the pool repairs along.  They have accomplished a lot in a short time and we owe them our thanks for the extra effort.