WEG Golf Rules During Virus Isolation

The course is open for play now that plugging and sanding of the fairways approach and the greens are complete. The Pro shop is closed and will remain closed until the complex is reopened. No reserved Tee Times at this time. Play is on the honor system.

Rings on the cups have been raised. When putting if your ball comes in contact with the cup ring it is considered holed out. Do Not Lift the Flag Out of the Cup. Woodburn Estates & Golf does not have the resources to clean and sanitize the flag pole after every golfer.

If you have questions you can leave a message at the office. Our site manager checks the messages throughout the day. You can also contact our Site Manager, Dawn Cole, at GM@WoodburnEstatesGolf.Com.

Effective immediately from the City of Woodburn Police Chief Regarding Golf Course Play:

  • All players must maintain a 6’ distance from each other throughout play, NO congregating, or grouping
  • NO riders in golf carts allowed
  • NO gatherings allowed anywhere on WEG grounds

The Golf Course Play Will Be monitored By WEG Employees, Please Respect Them If They Ask You to Maintain the Required 6’ Distance. They Are Following the Direction Of The Board of Directors & Site Manager.