Updated May 1: Shopping Tips During Virus Isolation

These shopping tips are opinions and intended to be the best information available at the time of posting. Things are changing quickly and this site, and WEG, are not responsible if the information is incorrect. Please use as a guideline only. Important: Plan ahead!

Note that many stores of all types are now offering one, or more, of the following services to help seniors stay safer. Fees and minimums often apply. Call ahead, or check online?

  • Senior only store hours – wear a mask!
  • Pickup – Delivery to your waiting car outside store with online order. You pay online, so pop the trunk, keep the window up and never get out.
  • Delivery to your home with online order.

Grocery Shopping

Walmart – Woodburn

Walmart in Woodburn offers grocery Pickup and Delivery for online orders at grocery.walmart.com. This does not include non-grocery items such as medicines. Choose a time slot and you can stay out of the store!

Deliveries have a fee of $7.99 non-rush hour delivery and $9.99 during rush hours, or an unlimited delivery plan for $12.95 per month or $98 a year.

If you use email, and/or smart phone apps, you can do extra things such as be notified of progress, check in when you are on the way for pickups, etc. But email and smart phones are not required.

Safeway – Woodburn

Safeway’s warehouse is delivering groceries ordered online at safeway.com. This does not include non-grocery items such as medicines. Fees and minimums apply.

Safeway is now open between from 7 to 9 AM, Tuesday and Thursday only to seniors, and those with health issues, to minimize the risk of exposure.

Bauman Farms – Woodburn

Bauman Farms grocery store in Woodburn provides online ordering for pickup to minimize in store time.

Costco – Wilsonville

Costco has now started delivering the same items you see in the warehouse, at slightly higher prices, in partnership with Instacart delivery service. (yes, even rotisserie chicken and toilet paper!) Order online at sameday.costco.com/store/costco/storefront.

Safer hours? Costco, Wilsonville and Salem, have Senior Shopping Hours from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday only for members ages 60 and older, and for those with physical impairments.

Fred Meyer – Wilsonville

Fred Meyer in Wilsonville offers Pickup service with orders placed at fredmeyer.com.Safeway has fees for fulfilling and for delivery.

Pharmacy Shopping

Walgreens Pharmacy in Woodburn has drive up service which includes some of the non-medicine items such as over the counter products, now offers delivery with online orders, and announced Tuesday 7-9 AM seniors only hours inside the store.

Sanitary Food Shopping Handling Methods

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