Sundowners Golf – new season has started!

Attention Sundowners:  Dave Schuur and I have started the new Sundowner Season!  We would also invite any other golfers to join us in 2022 and enjoy the fun and companionship of the great game of golf.  For those of you who have never played in the Sundowners let me explain how it works.  We meet every Monday at the Woodburn Estates gazebo around 3:15 PM and by 3:45 PM teams are selected for play for that particular night.  We then play the front 9 from the forward tees with a scramble format.  We try to select players for each team, usually a four-person team, where teams will be somewhat equal in talent.

This is always a fun event and allows us to play golf with other players we perhaps have never played with before.  Couples are allowed to play together on teams and I might mention that we have weekly payouts for not only the winning team but also for 2nd and 3rd place finishers.  Payouts are made at the end of the season and we will begin this season with money left over from last year so the payout each week will be increased.

As in past years, there is a $5.00 entry fee per player that creates the prize money, and that $5.00 entry fee covers the entire season of 2022.  So, a season of fun golf for only $5.00 is a fantastic bargain!  Come join us for this season