Phase 2 – What Does it Mean for Us?

As you probably know by now Governor Brown moved our county into Phase 2 of re-opening approximately a week ago. So starting 06/22/20, M-F 7am-4 pm to start, this allows us to open more rooms to our Yoga/Zumba/Tai Chi folks, Billiard players, Wood carvers, Quilters, Book readers, News & Views staff, Puzzle doers will be welcomed back in to the East & West Wings! Please come into the Office before re-starting your activity and give the receptionist the name of your volunteer “COVID Distance monitor”, as required. NO food or drink is allowed in any room.

On each door you will note a sign showing the “Maximum Capacity” can follow Phase 2 guidelines, and you will see tables and chairs configured to adhere to the 6’ distancing. Effective as of 06/18/20 the Governor has mandated wearing masks indoors and if you have none, disposable masks will be provided in the Office.

At this time we are still unable to open the swimming pool and spa because we can’t adhere to the monitoring they require or have the staff to keep the locker rooms and all touchable surfaces in the area sanitized during the hours it would be open. We are working on a solution and will communicate to you immediately when the re-opening will occur.

We are only asking that you help us keep within the guidelines so that we can keep these areas open, thank you.

Association Manager Dawn R Cole