Our Lifestyle

Active Community

Woodburn Estates & Golf® is a residential community for active adults over the age of 55, designed to provide a large number of sports, hobby and social amenities such as our golf course, swim pool, gym, clubhouse, and much more.

You will find a variety of activities, events and clubs to capture your interest within walking distance. Check our calendar for the latest happenings!

And note that many of our community services are run by neighborhood volunteers. This joint effort to help enrich us all is a great lifestyle choice of its own.

Look at our many amenities, clubs, activities and events and we think you will find some things you will enjoy!

Still have questions? Contact Woodburn Estates & Golf weekdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at 503-982-1776 or email us at info@woodburnestatesgolf.com.