Opening WEG: Phase One

WEG Office – Open 9 am to 4 pm – masks required
WEG Health Center (gym) – Open by reservation 7 am to 4 pm
Golf – Some tournaments being held

See calendar.

From your BOD & Manager on Re-Opening WEG:
On May 05/20/20 the BOD met for a workshop on the “Re-opening plan” for WEG. A framework was presented by the Manager. Keeping in mind that our community is the most susceptible to contracting this virus, we plan on proceeding with caution. For this reason, the re-opening of the WEG buildings will follow the OHA guidelines and Phases set out by Governor Brown, with more stringency in some areas, such as the Health Center.

As Marion County is approved to move into Phase 1 here is our plan:

Phase 1– The Office will be opened, allowing 2 members at a time to maintain the 6’ social distancing. Face masks will be required.

The Country Cottage will re-open following guidelines (please see Renee Hayes article for more detail).

No other buildings will be open during this Phase.

When Marion County receives approval to move into Phase 2, we will review the guidelines and communicate the plan for it accordingly.

In all indoor facilities Face masks will be required to be worn and 6’ social distancing. We are asking for your cooperation and understanding during this “new normal” we are entering.

[Phase one was approved for Marion County today. See Marion and Polk counties approved for ‘Phase One’ reopening]