Possible Online Board Meeting

Note: The Board of Directors held a workshop to discuss procedures for the reopening of Woodburn Estates & Golf Common Grounds to all members during phase one. Read more…

The WEG Board of Directors is considering online meetings where members can listen on your phone and/or on your computer.

A phone number with a meeting ID will be posted here and sent via Bugle Blast. When you call this phone number close to the meeting time, you will be asked to enter a meeting ID, which will connect you to a conference call. Your line will automatically be muted for listen only. The Board discussion will be audible.

The meeting link will allow you to follow who is talking more accurately, and see some documents being discussed. Most computers will allow you to listen via the computer speaker, while logged into the meeting, without calling into the meeting via phone, and talk via the computer’s microphone.

While future online meetings will possibly allow our regular Open Mic sessions via phone, or computer microphone, you are welcome to submit comments, and questions, via email to webteam@woodburnestatesgolf.com before the meeting.

The tentative time has been changed for the first Board meeting to the regularly scheduled, fourth-Tuesday date of Tuesday, May 26, at 1:30 pm. This board meeting may be rescheduled as plans are formalized.

If you haven’t registered on the website for member access, please click here. In the future, we may need to limit meeting password access to this member list as assurance we are inviting verified members.

Join a Zoom Meeting Using Computer

Click here to see how to setup your computer to join a Zoom WEG Board Meeting. Note that you can join a meeting with a phone only, but you will miss out on document views and a better understanding of who is talking.