Online Board Meeting July 28th?

The WEG Board will vote on whether to approve the use of online Board meetings as the first item on their agenda for the July 28th BOD Meeting.

In order to take advantage of a possible affirmative vote, we are arranging for an online meeting to be available, and ready to enable, if approved. Members will be given the meeting code which allows them to call into the meeting, or access the website meeting on their computer. They will be in a waiting room until the meeting starts at which time they will be admitted to a listen only mode.

This meeting is intended for WEG Members only. In order to access the online meeting information, you can access the News & Views, or you will need to be registered on this WEG website or be subscribed to Bugle Blast member emails.

Find the online meeting link on the WEG Board Update page.

If you wish to attend in person, please call the office at 503-982-1776 and make a reservation as the number of attendees allowed will be limited due to virus concerns.

More details to follow, but see Possible Online Board Meeting for more information.