New WEG Website Redesign

Our website, (referred to here as WEGcom), has been redesigned!

Real-Time Local Virus Information

Unfortunately, the fun of introducing the many new website features pales with the arrival of the virus news. But know that we have this great, real-time source of WEG news and announcements to keep you better aware of what is happening around our neighborhood.

Also note that virus news articles will be updated as better, and more, information is collected, so consider re-reading these posts if you are following the site. Currently WEGcom offers Woodburn Estates & Golf updates, local tips on careful shopping options around Woodburn during the shelter, and fun things to do on the internet, for instance (see menu Members-Member Home-WEG Blog).

Check out these new website features:

The website will grow to become more group interactive in design such as the WEG Volunteer Form example.

Member-Only Pages

And it will soon share information for members only using a registration approval form and password entry for confidential pages. While few pages are protected now, we will begin “hiding” them shortly. So we encourage members to register now in order to see everything later (Go to menu ‘Members-Your Registered Member Profile’). Only your name, email and member number are required, and these are not shared or published.

Your website registration will then be checked for membership and you will receive an approval email, notifying you that you can now log into the site when prompted by a member-only page (note, you will not be required to log in every time). And please check your email account spam/junk folder to see if it rejects our email address, and tell it these emails are not spam!

Launch Bugs

More website information to follow… look over the new site before you leave! And please be patient as we get the page-loading speed improved at the same time as our web providers like Wave are getting overloaded by stay-at-homers.