New WEG Website!

Our new website is here! The updated site will provide several new features such as a Member Home page, a member-only area requiring password entry to allow information to be shared that is not normally provided to the public.

Another new page, Board Updates, offers BOD news, motions and financial reports, and requires member password access.

Our new calendar provides a more flexible view of WEG activities. Be patient for it to load as we have a lot going on!

Along with a professional look and feel to greet new comers, the new site will be much more interactive for members using forms and feedback to list groups and events needing volunteers for instance , and another area to start new activities, shared interests or even classes.

We will be highlighting various features in future articles, but until then, go tour around and see for yourself!

We welcome your feedback. Contact the Web Team using the second form down at Contact Us.