Money Matters: Expenses Remain The Same

As this is the start of a new year, it seems to be a good time to express to our members how an HOA is run. This is a business, not unlike any other in the fact that we must keep close watch on expenses and income. For example, our expenses in the last year have not decreased in any way due to the pandemic we are facing. Even with the doors closed our utilities still send bills to us each month as usual and things like property taxes still must be paid. The pool must be kept up with the proper chemicals and electricity to keep things running. Draining the pool is not an option because of the damage that would cause and the expense of refilling and/or repair if we did that. Having the golf course in good condition keeps giving us an income during these times and keeps our home prices up also. Our maintenance crew is still working hard to make the facility clean and sanitized for the staff that is still needed in the buildings.

Our income has dropped dramatically and thankfully the Pro shop is able to remain open and does produce some income. We are not bringing in the dollars from sponsorships we are used to receiving from coffee hour and other activities events that we all miss so much. During all this we have not had to increase your member dues to make up the difference. We are trying to cut back expenses where possible. For instance, in 2019 we had up to 25 employees during the year. We are now operating the business with 13 employees and they are doing an excellent job! Our financials for 2019 and 2020 show that we have overspent our budget for those years. Our plan for 2021 is to stay within the bounds of the budget.

The question has come up as to where your dues go. Your dues are keeping the association sound and keeping our account payable current and in good standing. Remember that this is a resort community lifestyle for people with common interests. What a wonderful place to live!

Linda Hepburn – Treasurer