Money Matters: Confusion Over 2021 Dues

I would like to clear up some confusion regarding the annual membership dues for 2021. The dues have not changed and are still at $620 for this year. As for next year (2022), that will be determined later in this year when the budget will be produced and any changes made will be based on financial need. The cost of running this business will always continue to increase as does the cost of living for everyone. Our goal has always been to keep costs as low as possible for our members while still meeting the needs of the corporation. The costs of continued maintenance, employees, property taxes, utilities and more do not change even when the facility is in lock down for the safety of our members.

The increase to the working capital fee can be confusing so I would like to explain it here. The working capital fee will now be based on the purchase price of the home. This fee will still be paid by the buyer unless another arraignment is made by the realtors. A fee of 1.5% of a home selling for $200,000 will bring in $3000 to our working capital income. For homes selling at a higher price that amount goes up, but for homes selling at a lower price the minimum is set at $3000.

Starting with the December 2020 financials, I will be adding a budget performance report to the monthly financials to be put on the website. This report will make it easier to summarize where we are at financially. With the pandemic limiting our income sources we will have to be very careful with expenses this year to stay within our budget limits. At this point we have reduced our employee number down to 13 people. When I was Treasurer in 2019 we had 20-22 employees and for 2018 there were 26.

I would like to point out an error that was printed in the January 8th News & Views. In the fee schedule it states that the RV lot storage clean-up fee is refundable for homeowner and associates. It should say “non-refundable”. Sorry for the mistake.

Linda Hepburn