Marion County locates a COVID-19 Isolation Center at the Super 8 Motel in Woodburn

7/10/2020 – City of Woodburn Sues Marion County Over COVID-19 Isolation Shelter

6/23/2020 – Marion County to locate a COVID-19 Isolation Center at the Super 8 Motel in Woodburn

Marion County plans to convert the Woodburn Super 8 Motel into a COVID-19 Isolation Facility to open on July 1.

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KPTV News on Shelter
KPTV News on Shelter Protest
Woodburn City’s official response here.

Carol Bolton, WEG Director: Thank you to all members of our community that came out on Thursday afternoon to protest the Super 8 motel COVID 19 Isolation Center. When we stand today we are better than ever! I also wish to thank Dawn Cole and Sharyn Cornett for organizing this so quickly!   

6/26/20 Woodburn City Statement: Information on Proposed Marion County COVID-19 Isolation Shelter in Woodburn

This past Thursday, the Woodburn City Council met in Executive Session to confer with its Legal Counsel and City Staff on Marion County’s intent to operate a COVID-19 Isolation Shelter in Woodburn starting July 1, 2020. At the conclusion of the Executive Session, the Council then convened a public meeting where it unanimously approved a motion authorizing the City to initiate enforcement action against Marion County, up to and including litigation, to ensure that Marion County is in compliance with Woodburn land use regulations applicable to 821 Evergreen Road (Super 8 Hotel).

After today’s meeting, City Administrator Scott Derickson said, “We have heard our communities overwhelming concerns over the lack of transparency and opportunities for public involvement in Marion County’s siting of a COVID-19 Isolation Shelter in Woodburn. But more so, the City finds the County’s facility to be in violation of current land use law and illegal to operate at its current location. The City is obligated to enforce its laws regardless of who may be in violation. We hope this matter can be resolved quickly and amenably.”

From the desk of Woodburn Mayor Eric Swenson:

This week I’d like to thank the tireless work of our city manager, city attorney, community development director and police chief in the work they did surrounding the Super 8 hotel issue… as well as the thoughtfulness and forcefulness of every one of our city councilors in expressing their opposition to this project.

A big shout out to the more than 75 people from The Estates who came out to rally in front of the hotel yesterday exercising our rights to free speech and protest. It was an honor to stand with you.

6/25/20 Woodburn City Council Meeting

Woodburn City Council voted to proceed with land use legal challenge against Marion County Shelter decision. See tape of meeting:

6/24/20 Commissioner Response To WEG Association Manager

Below is a response to Dawn Cole, WEG Association Manager’s emails to the 3 County Commissioners:

Thank you for reaching out and we understand your concerns. The hotel is a requirement of Governor Brown’s reopening framework, and will be operated with the health and safety of the surrounding community as a top priority.

Marion County has recently been in contact with Woodburn city leaders and has taken many steps to ensure the community of Woodburn is protected. This hotel has been secured to house people unable to safely isolate, including farm workers and those who are under the supervision of Marion County Parole and Probation. Each guest will sign a Standards of Conduct Agreement with the county, and security will be on site 24/7.

Marion County staff will tend to the needs of the individuals within the facility, including food and wellness checks. Additionally, measures are in place to prevent the spread of the virus, and each individual will isolate in their room for the duration of their stay for the health and safety of staff, other guests, and the community. To start the county anticipates that 10-15 individuals will be housed in the hotel.

When an individual’s isolation ends, county staff will ensure that the individual is healthy and eligible to leave the hotel. At such time, we will coordinate transportation to return the individual to their community upon leaving the hotel.

Chad Ball
Policy Analyst
Marion County Board of Commissioners Office

6/23/20 Comments From Sharon Schaub, Woodburn City Councilor and WEG Resident

Last week, on Tuesday, June 16, the City learned about Marion County’s plans to convert the Woodburn Super 8 Motel into a COVID-19 Isolation Facility, something they intend to open on July 1.

At first glance, a facility operated by the County’s Health & Human Services Department designed to help people exposed to COVID-19 isn’t necessarily bad, especially for those people in our Community who have no other options. But I was particularly alarmed to learn the County intends to also house inmates being released from the Oregon Department of Corrections (prison) and Marion County Jail.

As your City Councilor, Ward IV, I have real concerns about the lack of transparency, public input and questions over what measures have been put into place to protect our community. I have many questions and there is no excuse why the City Council or City staff was not included in Marion County’s plans for this project. Furthermore, on Monday, June 22, Marion County had its highest number of new cases since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March. I believe that before the County’s Isolation Facility begins operation, we need public safety assurances from Marion County and our residents. We deserve an opportunity to express concerns and to ask questions directly to our County officials. The City Council intends to take this matter up before July 1, 2020 and I fully intend to demand the County to delay operation until all of our concerns can be addressed and that the City be included in planning. I’m willing to explore any options necessary to have our community’s concerns address.

Please feel free to contact me at my City email address:
Thank you,
Sharon Schaub City Councilor, Ward IV

6/23/20 Email From Dawn Cole, WEG Association Manager

Commissioners, Councilman and Mayor-

This morning I was made aware through a link to the announcement on “Facebook” of the plans you approved, to utilize the Super 8 Motel located at 821 Evergreen Rd, Woodburn OR. On the site it said: “COVID-19 Isolation Center to be located beginning July 1st in the Super 8 Motel located at 821 Evergreen Rd, Woodburn OR. The population relocated there would include recently released inmates from the Marion County Jail and Oregon State Prisons”. This decision was made without informing Woodburn City Councilors, City Government, or any community involvement”. I was saddened to think that our elected representatives would make such a decision without contacting and involving the citizens and City Governing officials and instead just impose in into our community.

To inform you of the huge negative impact this would have by telling you this motel is next to two senior facilities housing residents that range from independent to assisted living, sits directly across from Panor Apartment building which houses seniors, and also Senior Estates, which is comprised of 1508 single-family homes of 55 and older, would be an understatement. We are already struggling with our own crime in that area and around that area, how is this supposed to not make the situation worse? What happens when these “recently released inmates” then leave this site after being deemed healthy, into our community in a concentrated manner? I’m not naïve in realizing that “recently released” inmates can relocate wherever they choose in the state, however that is an organic process that you are turning instead into a concentrated process into our small community impacting the senior population directly! We are already assured by our age that we fall under a “protected class” and this is directly violating our rights and protection under the law.

I/we (my fellow neighbors in this community), to rescind this decision and look instead for an area in Salem, or South of Salem, where this concentrated impact would be diluted and acceptable to the surrounding area. Please respond to us as soon as possible so that we can decide our next actions.

Dawn R Cole
Association Manager
Woodburn Estates & Golf

6/22/20 FaceBook Post On Marion County Decision

Eric A. Morris, Woodburn City Councilor, is sharing a COVID-19 Update.

Marion County intends to locate a COVID-19 Isolation Center at the Motel 8 [Super 8] in Woodburn, OR, effective July 1, 2020. The population would include recently released inmates from the Marion County Jail and Oregon State Prisons. This decision was made without informing Woodburn City Councilors, City Staff, or any community involvement.

I believe placing a COVID-19 Isolation Center across the street from apartments and senior care facilities would be irresponsible. The COVID-19 Isolation Center Project proposed by Marion County would not be appropriate to place at the Motel 8 in Woodburn.

As your city councilor it’s my responsibility to look out for the best interest of our community. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the COVID-19 Isolation Center Project please comment below or email me this week at

If you want to share your opinion with Marion County find contact information at: