Fire Updates

Check for the latest news updates on fires in our area at Statesman Journal News and City of Woodburn.

9/18/20 update

The rain has improved smokey air conditions and is no longer considered “hazardous”, but still remains in a warning condition for people with sensitive lung conditions.

09/15/20 update

Evening fire update from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office:
At 1:00 pm today, September 15th, 2020, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office announced a reduced evacuation level for portions of Mehama and Lyons.

The Oregon Health Authority has provided the following safety recommendations:

  • If possible, stay inside, close windows or use air conditioners (if you have them) with the intake closed. Also, run a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), or an electro-static precipitator (ESP).
  • If you do not have air conditioning and it is too hot to stay indoors with the windows closed, find a clean-air space in your community, such as a library, shopping mall or community center. (Remember to wear your face covering and practice proper social distancing.) If poor air quality continues overnight, you may need to book a hotel room, or stay with a friend who has air conditioning.
  • Don’t use anything that burns, like candles or gas stoves. And don’t smoke cigarettes indoors, which contributes to the already poor air quality.
  • Refrain from vacuuming or doing other activities that stir up dust.
  • Although respirators, like those labeled “NIOSH” and the rating of N95 or N100, can protect against smoke, they must be properly fitted by a trained professional, and are in scarce supply due to the coronavirus pandemic. Officials also have urged that these masks be reserved for medical and other frontline workers.
  • Consider covering your house vents to further block smoke penetration.

Note: Please do NOT call 911 to report smoke; the system is being inundated with smoke calls.


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