Our Community

Our People

Woodburn Estates and Golf is the community of people that call our neighborhood home. We share the joy of owning a home where we can live in peace and happiness in the heart of Oregon… with all of the amenities to help us have more fun!

Our Commons

WEG is a home owners association that owns a common area where all members (owners) can share in the fun of mutually-owned playgrounds and toys. As a home owner, you are also a shareholder in the corporation and get one of 1508 portions of the business.

Our Volunteers

WEG is primarily a volunteer run community including directors, committee members, activities organizers, event workers, and many more levels of assistance that makes our programs so much fun. So we encourage your participation in working activities at all levels too.

Our Enjoyment

And we have a pleasant, safe and fun environment in which to live, so come say hello to your neighbors and enjoy the community of Woodburn Estates & Golf!

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