Avoid COVID-19 Scams

Excerpt from the City of Woodburn Weekly E-Blast:

Be aware there are many COVID-19 scammers taking advantage of people. Examples of scams include:
Businesses offering vaccines, testing kits, and treatment.
Websites offering stimulus checks reimbursement.
Businesses guaranteeing delivery of out-of-stock medical supplies.
Businesses offering investment opportunities.
Fake charities asking for donations.
Scammers posing as family members asking for money for treatment.

Provide anyone with your personal information.
Send any money to an unknown person/business.
Click on unknown links, visit unknown websites or click on pop-ups while online. This could cause a virus to be uploaded to your computer or device.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam or have concerns about a scam please contact the Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection Hotline at:1-877-877-9392

And good advice from WEG’s Bugle Blast:

Identify the many misleading, and potentially dangerous, falsehoods about Covid virus at World Health Organization’s “Myth Busters”.