Golf Tournament Schedule

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June 22,23,24 (T-F-S)Nine and Eighteen Hole Men’s Club Championship

Woodburn Estates & Golf – Golf Tournament Schedule for 2017
May 11 & 18, Thu Men’s President’s Cup
May 26, Fri Men’s Horse Race – spectators welcome
May 29, Mon Mixed Tournament 1-7 Memorial Day 4-person scramble, min. 4-drives
June 2, Fri Rose-A-Rama Women’s Invitational Practice Round
June 3, Sat Rose-A-Rama Women’s Invitational Scoring Round
June 10, Sat Mixed Tournament 2-7 Spring Scramble 2-person Chapman
June 13 & 20, Tue Nine Hole Women’s Handicap Championship
June 14 & 21, Wed Eighteen Hole Women’s Handicap Championship
June 16, Fri Women’s Horse Race – spectators welcome
June 19, Mon Willamette Valley Ladies
July 4, Tue Mixed Tournament 3-7 Independence Day 4-person Mexican scramble, min. 3 drives
July 6,7, 8,  10 & 11 Men’s Match Play Championship (16 players limit)
….….Thu, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tues, [12=Wed, if needed]
July 24, Mon Erling Jacobsen – Junior Tournament (both clubs host the boys & girls)
July 15, Sat Mixed Tournament 4-7 Summer Scramble 4-person scramble, min. 4-drives
July 21, Fri Mixed Horse Race – spectators welcome
July 22 & 23, Sat,Sun Family Golf Fun Day no green fees to Association members & family 7:00 am
July 28 Fri Harvest Invitational – practice round
July 29 Sat Harvest Invitational – scoring round and Calcutta at the Auditorium
July 30 Sun Harvest Invitational – scoring round Final
July 31, Mon Mixed Tournament 5 of 7 Eighty and Over
August 1, Tue Rally for the Cure……9 hole women
August 2, Wed Rally for the Cure…..18 hole women
August 4, Fri Rally for Cure Mixed Tournament
August 5, Sat Mixed Tournament 6-7 Fall Scramble 4-person scramble, min. 4-drives
Aug. 8 & 15, Tue Nine Hole Women’s Club Championship (2-days)
Aug. 15 & 16, Wed Eighteen Hole Women’s Club Championship (2-days)
August 12, Sat End of Watch – Correctional Peace officer fundraiser
August 19, Sat Snowbird Tournament practice round
Aug. 20&21, Sun-Mon Snowbird Tournament tournament
Aug. 26&27, Sat-Sun Men’s Club Alternate Shot (2-days)
Aug. 31, Sept. 1 & 2 Men’s Club Handicap Championship (3-days)
September 4, Mon Mixed Tournament 7-7 Labor Day 4-person Mexican scramble, min. 3-drives
September 5, Tue Nine Hole Women Turkey Shoot
September 6, Wed Eighteen Hole Women Turkey Shoot
September 7, Thu Nine and Eighteen Hole Men Turkey Shoot
September 15, Fri Women 9-hole Scramble


Board of Directors approved on September 27, 2016

All mixed tournaments to have Auditorium and Dining Hall reserved for golf banquets from 1pm ~ 4pm.

Note: Subject to change with notice. 1-24-17 Harvest, Rally, and Men’s Alternate shop was approved.