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Activities Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-activitiesA committee established for the promotion of Woodburn Estates & Golf as a good place for members to live and enjoy themselves through participation in activities for active seniors.

Architectural Planning Committee


woodburn-estates-and-golf-icon-architectThis committee has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to deed restrictions, which includes review and approval of Compliance Certifications; all building plans for modifications to structures and the construction of fences.

Golf Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-golf-icon-tallThe golf chairperson is a Board member that has Golf Committee input for operation and maintenance of the golf course. The golf chairperson is a member of the Mixed Tournament committee that is responsible for the scheduling of all tournament events that affect both men’s and women’s golf clubs. The Mixed Tournament schedule is then presented to the Board for approval. This chairperson works with both the men’s and women’s golf clubs.

House Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-homeIn conjunction with the General Manager, this committee is responsible for the maintenance of the physical aspects of the clubhouse complex.

Dance Group

woodburn-estates-and-golf-danceDance group schedules all dancing entertainment at least once a month with themed decorations. Their responsibilities include scheduling of live entertainers, setup, decorating, clean-up, and sponsorship.

Library Team

woodburn-estates-and-golf-library-iconThe purpose of the library team is to work consistently to keep the library in good order and accessible to all members. The shelves are maintained in an orderly manner according to the assigned categories: fiction, non-fiction, westerns, mysteries, etc.

Marketing Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-marketingThis committee promotes the livability of Woodburn Estates & Golf through various forms of media. This includes advertising in the News & Views, Facebook, Web, Bugle Blast, outside newspapers, the Woodburn Chamber and other brochures and flyers.

Membership Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-members-icon-tallWelcome receptions are held periodically during the year to give newcomers an opportunity to meet their new neighbors, learn how the association operates, and hear from committee chairs about the different activities available to community members. They also have the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors. Refreshments are served and a tour of the clubhouse is offered for those who are interested.

Rules Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-rules-iconThe Rules Committee’s duties are to review written alleged rules violations that have been submitted to the Association.

C.C. & R.’s Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-ccnrThe C.C. & R.’s (conditions, covenants, and restrictions) committee’s duty is to see that the governing documents of the Association are kept in compliance with federal, state and local statutes such as the Federal Housing Act, the Oregon Planned Community Act and Oregon Restated Statues and do not conflict with its own governing documents. Their duties also include the formulating and/or revising of the Associations governing documents.

Pancake Breakfast Event

woodburn-estates-and-golf-pancakes-icon2This committee is responsible for the overall operation of the semi-annual pancake breakfasts which are held for fundraising purposes.

Publishing Committee

woodburn-estate-and-golf-publishing-committeeThis committee reports on events in the News & Views newspaper and various publications, including our website and our Facebook page.

Web Committee

woodburn-estates-and-golf-websiteThis committee promotes upcoming activities and clubs using a daily calendar of events as well as pictures of events. The Bugle Blast is also a part of this committee that provides a quicker announcement of events.

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